Bridal Sessions

If you’re new to bridal sessions and haven’t heard of one before, that’s okay! Bridal sessions are incredibly fun and have a lot of amazing benefits which include:

  • Bridal sessions also allow for time to be set aside that is completely focused on you and your wedding dress. On your wedding day, much of your thoughts, expressions and feelings will be related to walking down the aisle and spending time with your friends. By having a separate session apart from the wedding day, you can spend more time relaxed and focused on the happiness ahead, free from distractions of the day of wedding thoughts.

  • If you’re looking for a way to have a ‘test run’ of how your wedding dress will feel on the day of your wedding, having a bridal session is a great way to do so. This can also give you the opportunity to test both your makeup and hair before your wedding day. Since you’ll also be receiving photos of yourself before your wedding, this also provides you with the opportunity to know how your hair and makeup will look in images to make any adjustments needed before the day of the wedding.

Here are some helpful tips to consider before deciding if a bridal session is right for you:

  • Bridal sessions are typically a mix of an indoor and outdoor location. If you are using an indoor location with a lot of character, much of your session will be held indoors to help keep your dress as clean as possible as well as keeping your hair and makeup looking its best.

  • Bridal sessions typically occur mid-week where it is more likely to have availability for an inside venue at reasonable pricing. Please keep in mind the fee for the venue will be at cost to you (as a an example, the Belle Vue in Wilmington, NC would be $50 for a session) or oftentimes your wedding venue will provide availability at no cost to you as long as it is mid-week.

  • I typically try to also capture a picture of your dress on the hanger so I do recommend changing into your dress after you arrive at the location. Please keep this in mind and choose a location which will have an area available where you can change.

  • A bridal session is a great opportunity to do a test run of your makeup, hair, and nails prior to your wedding. Just please keep in mind this would incur an additional cost to you.

  • You will need your wedding dress, altered for the session so you’ll want to make sure to schedule it for a time after when you receive your dress back from the seamstress or store of purchase.

  • I always recommend trying to have a bouquet for your session, if possible. Just keep in mind, if you do, it will be an additional cost to you. To help with keeping the price on this low, talk to the florist for your wedding day to request for discounted pricing for this occasion.

  • If you do plan on ordering prints from your bridal session for your reception, please be sure to schedule your session at least one month prior to your wedding day.

  • Please also keep in mind that it is possible for your wedding dress to get dirty during your session. While great care is taken to prevent this, it is possible you may have to have your dress cleaned before your wedding. This is especially true for silk and satin gowns. Be sure to check prior to booking your session on availability and pricing for cleaning your dress just in case it is needed.

  • If possible, bring a friend or two who can help with carrying your train. As a major plus, friends are super helpful in making you laugh during your session. <3

Ready to schedule your bridal session?

  • Bridal sessions are most typically scheduled between 4 to 10 weeks prior to the wedding, after your dress has arrived and has been altered.

  • Decide on your indoor location. If you are using your venue, check with your point of contact at the venue for availability.

  • When you are ready to book your session, you can do so online by clicking here.