Frequently Asked Questions


Q. do you carry back-up equipment?

A. Absolutely! Regardless of the session involved, there is always extra equipment traveling alongside. With couples and engagement sessions, a minimum of two camera bodies will be with me, for weddings with one photographer a minimum of three, and for weddings with two photographers a minimum of four camera bodies will be on-site throughout the day.

Q. what’s in your gear bag?

A. This is a question I get a lot from those who love photography. So if you are curious, below is a list of cameras and lenses I use to shoot all of my photos with:

  • Nikon D800

  • 3 - Nikon D750s

  • Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art

  • Sigma 40mm 1.4 Art

  • Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art

  • Sigma 105mm 1.4 Art

  • Sigma 105mm 2.8 Macro

Curious to know why I use Sigma lenses? Click here to learn more about what makes Sigma Art lenses so unique.

q. will you be the one photographing our wedding/session?

A. Absolutely! I am present and shooting for any and all sessions and events I have booked.

q. Do you have insurance?

A. Absolutely, and a lot of it! I carry both professional and general liability insurance. Venues may require your vendors to provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance). If you need this, please do not hesitate to let me know!

q. How long have you been shooting for?

A. 8 Years. I picked up by first camera, a Nikon D3100, eight years ago and transitioned shortly after to working primarily in the digital and print advertising space marketing for luxury restaurants, hotels, and wedding venues. This lead to my work being used in digital format for Town & Country, Men’s Journal, Dujour, and the Huffington Post, as well as in print for WeddingWire, The Knot, local magazines, and other print publications which only proved to fuel my passion for photography even more. I continued photographing for small weddings, couples, surprise engagements, events and families part-time for several years until demand grew to being the full-time wedding and couples photographer I am today.

q. what are your storage practices? How do you keep our images safe?

A. Keeping your images safe is at the forefront of my practices and procedures. While it is impossible to ensure beyond certainty that images can never be lost, I do take serious precautions to ensure the safety and backup of images. Below is an outline of the practices in place through each stage of the image capturing process:

  • While Taking Images: Images are taken across multiple camera bodies. This helps to ensure that if a total camera body loss were to occur (i.e. a camera body is stolen), there would still be some images available. However, to help deter theft of equipment, each piece is labeled and marked with DNA technology to assist police in the tracking and recovery of equipment. Each and every one of the camera bodies used at a session or wedding also contains dual card slot memory which allows for images to be stored simultaneously to two storage cards creating two copies of every image.

  • During the Editing Process: Images are stored on three external storage devices, two of which are solid state drives with one of these devices always residing within a fire-proof safe.

  • After the Editing Process: Your images will be stored on an external hard drive with me, in addition to cloud storage through your gallery for a minimum of two years.

q. how many images will i get with my wedding/session?

A. With one photographer, you can expect to receive approximately 60 images per hour, and with two photographers approximately 90 images per hour. Please keep in mind, weddings which have a high number of details may have more whereas, weddings with very little detail may have less.

Q. How do you develop your pricing?

A. My pricing is based on costs of operation versus expected number of weddings booked per year. I also take into consideration yearly reports by Pixpa for hourly rate pricing (currently rated at $75 to $250 per hour) along with feedback from couples and inquiries to ensure my pricing is inline with my client’s needs and expectations.

Q. what will be in my client portal?

A. Your client portal will include a copy of the following for every project we’ve worked on together:

  • Your Contract

  • Emails

  • Questionnaire

  • Preparation Guide

  • Your Contact Information for You to Update at Anytime

  • Your Invoice & Payments Paid

Q. What is my personal website/gallery and what can i do on it?

A. Access to your personal website/gallery will be sent to you approximately two to four weeks from your session or event. Think of the gallery as your own personal space for all of the amazing images for your day where you can control visibility to others, share and download your images, and even order prints. In addition, this online gallery is full of features like:

  • Access and download your images in both high resolution (print) quality and digital (social media/website) quality.

  • Easily sync your images with your Dropbox or Google Photos account.

  • Quickly design and order prints, gallery books, wall canvases, greeting cards, and more with prints available for shipping in as little as two days. You can even create your own album straight from your gallery and easily collaborate with me.

  • A URL you can use to share the gallery with your family and friends.

  • Heart your favorite images and view the images your gallery guests select as their favorites. For images you’d like to keep private, you can simply click to hide them from your gallery.

  • Ability to load your own images from your wedding day to make your gallery a full collection of your event to share with your family and friends. You can even print uploaded images using the print options available through your online gallery.

  • Share images directly to your favorite social media site.

  • Live chat available any time you have a question about using your gallery or ordering prints.

  • Best of all, your gallery is fully mobile friendly making it easy to download and share while on the go!

Q. how long will my online gallery be active for?

A. Your online gallery is guaranteed to remain active for two years from the date of your session/wedding. If at any point beyond this timeframe your gallery is expired, you will receive notifications of the gallery’s expiration. I do not remove galleries without confirmation that your notifications about expiration have been read and confirmed.

Q. What printing options are available through my online gallery?

A. Your online gallery provides printing through the leaders in photo printing. Printing options include:

  • Standard Prints & Print Packs — High quality prints available in a variety of sizes, paper, and pack options. Prints start at $0.33.

  • Matted Frames — Modern box-style frames with a thick mat, ready to hang.

  • Lay Flay Albums — Premium quality albums printed on photo paper with thick lay flat pages.

  • Greeting Cards — Folded and flat photo cards for any occasion.

  • Calendars — Beautifully designed 12 month calendars, starting from any month.

  • Gallery Boards — Thick archival boards that can be displayed on their own or in a frame.

  • Magazines — Light and fresh saddle-stitched magazines.

  • Frames — Modern box-style frames, ready to hang.

  • Canvas Prints — A work of art, printed with archival ink on museum-grade canvas.

  • Fine Art Albums — Luxuriously crafted albums printed on fine art paper with lay flat pages.

  • Deckled Prints — Unique, hand torn prints on fine art cotton paper.

  • Hardcover Book — A lightweight photo book, printed on thin pages with a hardback cover.

q. who do you use as a second photographer?

A. I work exclusively with photographers who utilize the same cameras and lenses as I do and who have shot with me before. My second shooters, including my husband, have all trained and grown with me, working on weddings where couples have not paid for a second shooter before taking on weddings where couples have paid for one.

Q. will i have printing rights for my photos?

A. Absolutely! Your images are free to use and print anywhere you would like. If you plan on using images for resale as a commercial purpose, please let me know beforehand as this will require additional releases and may incur an additional cost.

Q. should I order prints from my gallery or a one-hour photo or other printing location?

A. You are always welcome to choose any printing location you would like. However, I always recommend purchasing prints from your online gallery as the vendors used for printing there are carefully vetted for quality and service. A huge part of this vetting process is ensuring vendors are ones which work primarily only in photo print to ensure the best possible color and print precision. Ordering through your online gallery also allows for me to work on your design projects with you, while allowing me to work directly with the print vendor for service issues to ensure they are resolved quickly. An additional money back print guarantee is provided for prints ordered through the online gallery.

q. will you use my images on your website and social media?

A. As a standard practice, I do. It’s one of the things which allows me to share my art with others so they know whether I might be the right choice for them. However, I do understand fully if you would like to maintain your privacy, so please be sure to mention this before signing your contract.

Q. do you provide a usb flash drive?

A. As a standard in my package, I do not as the online galleries which I use to deliver images have the exact quality and size of those which are being edited in my computer. These galleries also provide a two year backup of your images so you can access and download them at anytime without fear of losing your USB drive.

Q. Can i get a wedding album from you?

A. Absolutely! While my packages at standard do not include an album, they are 100% available directly from your online gallery. Albums current range in price from $100 to $250 and are super easy to build and order! (Please note: Prices are always subject to change.)

Q. What if you were to cancel on us?

A. It would most definitely need to be an emergency for this to happen, but in the unlikely event, I would let you know immediately and would give you the option to have your event shot by one or two of my second photographers, in which case I would continue to edit the images myself — providing your with an editing look consistent with my quality and style. If you decide for any reason this option would not be a good option for your, your retainer would be absolutely be refunded to you in full.